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Mission Santa Clara de Asis

Photography On Campus

Using SCU for Photography Purposes

Please be advised that Santa Clara University's campus is private property.  The use of our campus for commercial photography unrelated to matters involving Santa Clara University are expressly prohibited.  This prohibition includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • Prom Photos
  • Wedding Photos
  • Fashion Photos
  • Family/Baby Photos
  • All other unauthorized photography

Permits are required for authorized access and can be applied for by contacting the Mission Office directly.  
Those eligible for a photography permit are current students, faculty, staff, or alums of Santa Clara University.  Permits are NOT granted to extended family or friends of eligible parties.  Unauthorized parties on campus will be removed.  Please contact the Mission Office if you have questions regarding your eligibility for a permit.

Requests for commercial use of images of Santa Clara University, Mission Santa Clara, and/or the SCU Campus must be submitted to the Office of Marketing and Communications by calling 408-551-6068 for proper licensing.